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Free 2 Italia

Free2 Italia is a project tasked with creating aids that help people achieve their desire to stay active. Get your game on, experiment with new ways to have fun, explore your limits: we want to make these goals accessible to as many people as possible.
We have designed our aids to be high performance at a fair price. In order for these two characteristics to be tangible and possible, they must focus attention on the specific needs of disabled persons, as well as ensuring qualified technical competence and price equity.
The low prices of our aids respect the ethics underpinning our philosophy: to combine professional growth with human growth, both in terms of our corporate ethos and our customer needs. We are driven to create high-performing wheelchairs capable of enriching the lives of people through new possibilities, but offered at a fair price. We want to remove economic barriers to achieving success, ensuring those who work hard to achieve their goals are repaid through their unwavering commitment.
By continuously addressing the challenges experienced by people with disabilities, we offer the possibility of growth for all, sharing experiences, gaining knowledge and understanding the reality of others. It is a privilege to be able to place our technical know-how at the service of others, to enable new experiences and activities to be enjoyed or sports and hobbies to be practised.
We are immensely proud and humbled to introduce PowerWheelChair hockey and Moving Booster.
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