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Mooving booster

A universal booster for both rigid and folding frame wheelchairs. The sensor built into the powerful, highly efficient brushless motor activates [sic] the booster when it senses a thrust on the wheelchair’s thrust rings and brings the wheelchair to a cruising speed of 4 km/h using the first speed setting or to 6 km/h using the second. Similarly, as soon as the sensor detects braking by the user [sic] on the thrust rings, the booster stops immediately. Moving Booster engages and disengages from the wheelchair by means of a simple bayonet connector.

Brushless engine | 24V 250W | Aluminium chassis
Lithium-ion battery | 24V 4.4Ah or 24V 8.8Ah
Battery autonomy | 15 km 4.4Ah batt; 30km 8.8 Ah batt.
Speed | 1. 2.5/4 km/h 2. 2.5/6 km/h | Two speed settings
Weight | 5.8 kg without battery
Wheel diameter 12″

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